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            IJAESI is a private research group and additional journal Entry, IJAESI has built up for the visualization of future science, engineering, management and social developments. International journal (IJAESI) is an academic open access, peer-audited, interdisciplinary journal concentrating on hypotheses, techniques and applications in Building and Innovation. IJAESI covers all regions of Designing and Innovation, distributing refereed unique research articles and specialized notes. IJAESI aims at all submitted articles for its unique, beforehand unpublished research results, test or hypothetical, and will be peer-assessed. Articles submitted to the journal should meet these criteria and must not be under thought for distribution somewhere else. Compositions ought to pursue the style of the journal and are liable to both audit and altering. Every papers in the journal are additionally accessible openly with online full-content substance and perpetual overall web connect. The modified works will be listed and accessible at significant scholarly databases. IJAESI invites creator accommodation of papers concerning any part of the Designing and Innovation and their applications in business, industry and different subjects.We acknowledge unique, unpublished research papers and audit articles which are not being considered somewhere else. Given that the submitted original copy meets all our base necessities.

IJAESI aims to maximize the dissemination of innovative knowledge and distribution of research publications to contribute to the scientific community as well as the public benefits. Hence, the journal supports unrestricted access to its publications and provides free online access to all students, scholars, researchers and educators to our forum. The full articles are allowed to be downloaded and use (without charges)membership holders only for personal use, academic purposes and public non-commercial purposes.

Environmental Engineering: A quickly developing segment in designing examination including for all intents and purposes all parts of the earth, vitality and characteristic assets fields: from agrarian frameworks and building, aquaculture and amphibian asset the board, sustenance designing and bioprocess innovation, mash and paper innovation, provincial and rustic improvement arranging and urban ecological administration, sustainable power source, for example, sunlight based power, to oil investigation advancements, superconductivity, and atomic age.

This conference intends to contribute towards the transfer of background knowledge and expertise in CS&E, EEE, E&CE, IS&E, TC,etc and mentioned as above all disciplinary knowledge...../p>

The principal objectives of the conference is to: Enhance the potential of the author’s materials, research and background information;

Transformation and information to representatives organizations / institutions, industry and technical associations involved in educational process;

Facilitate exchange of views, networking and cooperation;

Contribute to the consistent and timely implementation of the research in these domains

There is a time in every student’s life; thinking of how the knowledge can be utilized modernly to achieve in using the information learned to real life methodologies. I'm one of them.


At the right moment the person I met is Pradeep Kumar K, who is of a great mindset trying to achieve the impossible for the better future, my humble gratitude towards him.

I’m really honored that today we, the building blocks of this organization mentoring together for the better future of young generation minds to accomplish and contribute towards future technology inventions.

Although the newsletter will be attached to the same webpage the amount of in-depth information it can provide, we will make every effort to describe, if only briefly, our latest achievements in Engineering Science, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Sports Sciences, as well as the activities of the committee. Any criticism, opinions, and encouragement will be highly appreciated by the editors and the team of IJAESI.


Mr.Girish R


    Technical Board Member IJAESI

Pradeep Kumar

Sneha G N

It is my great pleasure to extend heartfelt greetings from the team of International Journals of Applied Engineering Science & Intendence (IJAESI).

As being a student...I also learned how to become an Enterprennur with ijaesi.

Don’t get distracted. Never tell yourself that you need to be the biggest brand in the whole world. Start by working on what you need at the present moment and then what you need to do tomorrow. So, set yourself manageable targets.

Team also aims at bringing the Technical Implimentaions like Webinars, Project Proposals, Project exhibitions, Team support, Internships, Certification Courses and publishing the selected papers in Springer & Elseiver sort of journals.